Thank your Senator for standing up for global warming solutions 

The Pennsylvania State Sentate passed a bill designed to stall progress on global warming.  

But there was a major silver lining: five Republican senators, including yours, voted no. 

Please send your state senator a thank you message for showing that we have climate champions on both sides of the aisle.  We may have lost the battle, but that's the type of bipartisanship that we'll need in order to win the war.  


Subject: Thank you for standing up for climate action
Thank you for voting no on HB2354, which was designed to obstruct our state's ability to cut global warming pollution from dirty coal-fired power plants.

In Pennsylvania, the climate fight isn't between Republicans and Democrats. It's between those of us who recognize that the flooding and deadly extreme weather fueled by climate change trump partisan politics, and those who want to continue to deny the reality of climate change--kicking the can down the road.

Thank you for standing up for climate action.