Take action against a proposal to allow burning plastic to be called “recycling”

Legislators in the Pennsylvania General Assembly are moving a proposal that would create a new statewide definition for “advanced recycling” -- but would allow polluting alternatives like turning plastics into crude oil, jet fuel, and incineration to be categorized as “recycling.”

This proposal is House Bill 1808 and it's part of an effort by the American Chemistry Council to convince politicians in state legislatures across the nation to reclassify recycling so that companies could take single-use plastics and turn them into fuels to be burned -- just like dirty fossil fuels -- but still be classified as “recycling” facilities. Passing this bill will mean more fracking to make single-use plastics, and more pollution.

Email your state senator today and ask them to oppose House Bill 1808.

Subject: Oppose HB1808: Burning plastic is NOT recycling