Spend VW settlement money on clean electric vehicles, not dirty diesel.

For years, Volkswagen cheated on clean air standards putting up to 40 times more smog-forming pollution than legally allowed into the air.  The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA-DEP) is now deciding how to spend Pennsylvania's $118 million portion of the fine issued to VW for cheating.  

The PA DEP is taking comments until July 5th on their proposed plan to spend this funding. But right now their plan could lead to more diesel vehicles on the road, risking the health of our communities with asthma-inducing smog and cancer-causing pollution.  

Tell the PA DEP to tighten their proposal so the funds are used to build out electric car infrastructure for citizens and transform government fleets to fossil-fuel free vehicles. 

Subject: Comment on Draft Beneficiary Mitigation Plan Relating to the Volkswagen Settlement