Stop politicians from undoing safeguards from oil and gas drilling

State legislators are proposing to undo environmental protections from oil and gas drilling pollution. This proposal is Senate Bill 790, and if passed into law it would roll back safeguards for our health and environment in outrageous ways, including:

  • Allowing oil and gas drilling companies to spill or dump hundreds of gallons of pollution without having to report it to environmental regulators or local officials.
  • Allowing contaminated drilling wastewater to be sprayed on roads, which in turn end up in our local streams and surrounding environment. This wastewater is often tainted with a variety of contaminants, including radioactive materials.
  • If drillers contaminate local communities’ drinking water, they could replace it with water that doesn’t meet Safe Drinking Water Act standards.

Email your state legislator and tell them to oppose Senate Bill 790 today.

Subject: Oppose Senate Bill 790