Support Gov. Wolf's veto of taxpayer handout to frackers

Legislators in Harrisburg recently approved a massive tax break for frackers and petrochemical companies -- House Bill 1100. These tax breaks are estimated to be worth at least $660 million per project.

Incentivizing these projects will lead to more pollution that fuels climate change, more pollution in our air and water from fracking, and more plastic pollution in our communities and neighborhoods.

We still have a chance to stop this bill from going through.  Governor Wolf's has vetoed this anti-environmental proposal. Now we need legislators who care about the environment to vote to uphold his veto.

Email your state Representative and state Senator and ask them to vote on behalf of the environment and the health of their constituents by voting to uphold Governor Wolf's decision to veto HB1100.

Subject: Uphold Gov. Wolf's veto of HB1100