Oppose Legislation to Penalize Electric Vehicle Owners

The U.S. transportation sector has become the nation's largest source of climate pollution. Yet instead of working to promote clean alternatives like electric vehicles, legislators in Harrisburg are fast-tracking a proposal to penalize Pennsylvania residents and businesses that purchase these cleaner vehicles.

This legislation is Senate Bill 845, which has been amended to establish exorbitant registration fees on electric vehicles in Pennsylvania. SB 845 would tax EVs at a higher rate than similar gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles, disincentivizing the purchase of EVs at a time when we should be doing the opposite.

To make matters worse, the $175 annual fee on plug-in EVs would be among the highest in the U.S., and would be much higher than the average annual gas tax bill for new vehicles in Pennsylvania.

Ask your legislators to stand up for cleaner vehicles and reducing climate pollution by opposing this attack on EVs and voting no on SB845.

Subject: Vote no on SB845