Tell NOAA: Save our right whales from ship strikes

Dear NOAA Fisheries,

Our critically endangered North Atlantic right whales have earned a place in our culture -- named the state marine mammal for both Massachusetts and Georgia -- and our hearts, seen through our celebrations of the 16 baby right whales this winter. Today, we urge you to use the information in your report on the Right Whale Vessel Speed Rule to write strong protections for the species. Updated policy should:

  • Create more areas where boats must travel slowly: We urge you to expand the size of existing Seasonal Management Areas, and to require speed limits in Dynamic Seasonal Management Areas.
  • Reduce risk of whale collision with boats smaller than 65 feet: These smaller boats are causing right whale deaths -- but measures to reduce risk of collision don't apply to them. Vessel speed rules should extend to boats smaller than 65 feet.

We care deeply about our right whales and hope that you use the report's findings to formulate strong policy that will keep our right whales safe.