Submit your comment: Keep toxic "forever chemicals" out of our waterways

Docket number: EPA-HQ-OW-2020-0582

Dear EPA Administrator Regan,

I am calling on you to stop companies from dumping all PFAS "forever chemicals" into our waterways.

Cancers, low fertility, endocrine disruption, autoimmune diseases, birth defects; PFAS have been linked to all these health problems and more. And they're everywhere, used all over the country to make everything from firefighting foam, to raincoats, to nonstick pans and fast food takeout containers.

As a result, these toxic chemicals have now contaminated the drinking water of millions of Americans. It has to stop.

Ultimately, we should work to phase out the use of these dangerous chemicals wherever possible. Barring companies from dumping them directly into our waterways is an urgently needed first step.