Add your name: Tricolored bats need federal protections

Re: Docket # FWS-R5-ES-2021-0163

We support listing tricolored bats as an endangered species. The tricolored bat is one of the smallest bat species in America and 90% of them are gone. It once flew through the night skies of 39 states, helping keep ecosystems in balance.

Federal protection will ensure more resources are dedicated to getting white-nose syndrome under control, while also giving tricolored bats a chance to bounce back. Because tricolored bats only give birth to up to two twin pups per year, recovery will take a long time.

White-nose syndrome is a primary threat to these bats, but habitat loss could put additional stress on bats already headed for extinction. With few older forests remaining in America, we must protect their habitat from logging. You should also designate critical habitat to ensure forest habitat is safeguarded.

This tiny nocturnal creature needs our help. Please finalize strong federal protections for tricolored bats.