Tell Bayer-Monsanto: Stop manufacturing neonicotinoid pesticides

Dear Bayer CEO Werner Baumann,

Pollinators are struggling -- in large part because pesticides have made much of their environment toxic.

Over the past quarter century, the increased use of a class of pesticides called neonicotinoids has made America's agricultural landscape roughly 48 times more toxic for bees. We need pollinators to thrive -- and we need to protect them.

That's why we, the undersigned, are calling on Bayer -- which makes neonics and purchased Monsanto and its neonic-coated seeds -- to do right by the bees and stop making and selling products that contain neonicotinoids.

We understand that discontinuing neonics could be economically painful in the short term, but Bayer's business is large and diverse enough to survive, and in the long run, we all need a healthy planet filled with buzzing pollinators.