Tell Whole Foods: Take single-use plastic packaging off your shelves

Whole Foods CEO Jason Buechel:

People want plastic-free groceries, but they can't always get them at Whole Foods.

As a major grocery chain, Whole Foods has the power to push the industry in a greener direction -- especially with the 365 in-house brand products that are within your control. I urge your company to:

  • Implement a 25% reduction in single-use plastic packaging used by the 365 brand by 2025.
  • Generate 15% of its annual revenue from the sale of products sold in reusable or refillable packaging by 2025.
  • Publicly report the amount of plastic packaging sold each year by 2025.

Whole Foods was a pioneer in the movement to make grocery shopping more environmentally friendly -- it was the first U.S. grocer to ban plastic bags at checkout back in 2008. It's time for your company to step up once again.